Account payment and fee information

I-MED Radiology Network incorporates; I-MED Radiology Victoria, I-MED Radiology NSW/ACT, I-MED Radiology Queensland and I-MED Radiology Regional. Payment of any of these accounts can be made here. For information about your account please see Frequently Asked Question below or email one of our friendly Accounts staff.
Pay online by credit card

You can pay your account using our secure internet payment option "Bpoint" with your Visa or Mastercard. A receipt will be issued to you on the next available business day.

Pay by BPAY

To pay using BPAY, contact your financial institution to register and look for the BPAY logo and Biller code on the front of your I-MED Radiology Network invoice.

Pay by cheque

You can send a cheque in the mail, along with the tear-off payment slip at the bottom of your invoice / statement to:

I-MED Radiology Network
Accounts Department
PO Box 5038
Brandon Park, VIC 3150

Pay by telephone

Call number 1300 868 054 anytime 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. You'll need your invoice number and Visa or Mastercard details ready. Please note that Amex and Diners cards are not accepted. A receipt will be sent to you by the following business day to assist with claiming from Medicare or your health fund.

Pay in person

You can pay in person at any one of our 200 clinics located throughout Australia, paying by cash, cheque or credit card.

Fees Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Outpatient services

Fees charged by our clinics are consistent with providing a high quality medical imaging service. For many imaging studies, the Medicare rebate is less than the actual cost of providing the service and there will be a gap payment. The gap payment is the difference between the fee of our services and the Medicare rebate. For some examination there may not be a Medicare rebate. The size of the gap payment varies depending on the type and number of examinations and the complexity. Pensioners and healthcare card holders are bulk-billed for most Medicare rebateable examinations; however, an out of pocket expense will be incurred for most interventional procedures and a small number of examinations.

Inpatient services at private hospitals

I-MED Radiology seeks to maintain a no gap agreement with private health funds. Members of these funds will not incur out-of-pocket fees for radiology services that are eligible for the Medicare rebate. If your private health insurance fund does not have a no-gap agreement with I-MED Radiology you may incur additonal fees while you are an inpatient. I-MED Radiology supports affordable healthcare and caps out-of-pocket expenses for medical imaging services at per hospital admission noting, this fee cap does not apply to imaging services provided outside of normal business hours and for imaging services and medical consumables not covered by Medicare or your private health fund.

How much will my procedure cost?

I-MED Radiology Network fees vary depending on the type of examination or procedure you require. We encourage you to ask about any cost that may be associated with your examination at the time of booking your appointment or before you arrive to the clinic.

What is the I-MED billing policy?

I-MED Radiology Network is a Private Radiology provider with a private billing policy. It is I-MED policy to bulk bill all pensioners and health care card holders for most Medicare rebatable procedures. Some interventional procedures where the specialist (radiologist) is involved, attract an out-of-pocket fee. Fees charged by our clinics are consistent with providing a high quality medical imaging service. The fees vary depending on the procedure required, and sometimes on the number of tests performed. It is our practice at I-MED to inform patients of any cost for their examination when making an appointment.
If imaging is performed outside normal practice hours or through the Emergency Department, an additional charge will be incurred which is not claimable on Medicare or your Private health insurance.
We would appreciate full payment of your accounts on the day of examination. We can also lodge Medicare claims electronically, so that Medicare rebates are automatically sent to your nominated bank account.

Why is there no Medicare rebate for my examination?

There are a number of procedures that are not included or funded by the Medicare Benefits Schedule. For these tests, no government rebate is available. In these circumstances, you will receive an account and be responsible for the full amount. These costs will be advised to you prior to your visit / procedure.

What if I am a Veterans Affairs card holder?

You do not need to make payment to I-MED Radiology for our services as the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) cover the cost of your healthcare. We encourage you to contact DVA prior to your consultation to discuss your coverage.

What is the "GAP FEE" or Out-of-Pocket Expense?

This is the difference between any Medicare rebate your receive and I-MED Radiology's private fee. The size of the gap payment varies depending on the type of examination.

What if I cannot settle my account within the indicated time?

Please contact the I-MED Accounts Department to discuss a suitable payment arrangement. One of our friendly accounts department team are available on 03-8587-5344 (I-MED Victoria and I-MED Radiology NSW & ACT) or 03-8587-5380 (I-MED Regional and I-MED Queensland).

What does my health fund cover?

Health funds cover radiology for inpatient services only. The amount of coverage depends on the individual health fund and any agreements that may be in place. For more details please click here.

What is the inpatient 'cap'?

I-MED Radiology recognises that hospital stays and services can result in large out of pocket expenses. To assist with containing this, I-MED Radiology caps out-of-pocket expenses for medical imaging services per hospital admission (Please contact us for the current cap level). Please note, that this fee cap does not apply to imaging services provided outside of normal business hours and for imaging services and medical consumables not covered by Medicare or a private health fund.

When and How do I pay for my Service?

All patients are asked to settle their account on the day of service. We accept cash, cheque and money orders and provide EFTPOS and credit card facilities at all sites (AMEX and Diners are not accepted). Patients are encouraged to liaise with an I-MED team member concerning any difficulties you may have in settling your account on the day of service. We may be able to provide alternative payment arrangements.

What is an after-hours surcharge?

If you require diagnostic imaging outside normal practice hours, an additional charge may be incurred. This is known as an after-hours surcharge and is billed in addition to I-MED's private fee. This surcharge is not claimable for Medicare or your Health Fund.
Concession card discounts do not apply to after-hours or emergency department services.

What if I am covered under workers' compensation?

For workers' compensation claimants, we will invoice your agent directly with the relevant claim and approval number. It is important that you provide us with your Insurance Company / Employer / claim details at the time of the appointment to avoid any unnecessary delays. Please note that should the invoice be rejected or remain unpaid, then the payment of the invoice will be your personal responsibility. If you are unsure if your examination will be covered please contact your employer or agent prior to your attendance.